How to get the list of Activities from BackStack

Two ways are there,

1. Using ADB Commands

Here is the complete list to get activities, services & processes

1. adb shell dumpsys activity activities  -> displays list of activities in back stack

2. adb shell dumpsys activity process  -> displays list process in back stack

3. adb shell dumpsys activity services  -> displays list of services running in back stack

Another alternate way is through ActivityManager,

ActivityManager m = (ActivityManager) ctx.getSystemService( ctx.ACTIVITY_SERVICE );
    List runningTaskInfoList =  m.getRunningTasks(10);
    Iterator itr = runningTaskInfoList.iterator();
        RunningTaskInfo runningTaskInfo = (RunningTaskInfo);
        int id =;
        CharSequence desc= runningTaskInfo.description;
        int numOfActivities = runningTaskInfo.numActivities;
        String topActivity = runningTaskInfo.topActivity.getShortClassName();


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