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Dropbox client for Android

In one of my projects, I need to create a client in Android for Dropbox. So I like to share my experience in creating the Dropbox client. Dropbox has an Android SDK. So developers can just call the API and can use. When connecting the app with any cloud say, the authentication part is the tricky and some what complicated one. Once app establishes a connection to the cloud, then getting resources (say, files) is just a cakewalk. First I will just list down the steps for creating the dropbox client in Android.

1. First create an account in "Dropbox"

2. Then in developers page, go to the tab "My Apps". Click on the "Create an App". A dialog appears, there we specify our App name as well as the access level, either "full access" or "app folder" (means only to a specific folder in your account). We can select any one according to our choice.

3. After creating the app in dropbox, we will get the "App Key" & "App Secret&q…