Setting Margin for widgets Programmatically

In this tutorial, I am going to explain how we can set margin for widgets programmatically. Using XML, its through layout_marginLeft, layout_marginRight, layout_marginTop and layout_marginBottom.

Actually, I spent a quite some time in this. I tried with this class "android.view.ViewGroup.LayoutParams". But after trying for quite sometime, I realized the actual class, for that is "android.widget.LinearLayout.LayoutParams". We can use any layout, not only LinearLayout. But, it should be from widget package.

The function is setMargins(left, top, right, bottom); the four arguments shows the margin for four sides respectively.

TextView tv = new TextView(this);
LayoutParams params = new LayoutParams(WRAP_CONTENT, WRAP_CONTENT);
params.setMargins(100, 20, 0, 0);
layout.addView(tv, params);

The screenshot of the result is,


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